Hire Google Ads and Meta Ads talents to boost your brand visibility

Mercyr [‘merkuur’] is an Estonia-based team of creative and goal-oriented freelancers who manage Google and Meta ad accounts for small and medium-sized companies in Europe and the US.

Mercyr Meta and Google Ads Management Agency

We build, strategize, optimize, and analyze your Google and Meta Ads to help your brand unlock new growth.

You focus on your business.
We’ll handle the technical stuff.
Keep you updated with the trends.

Mercyr is a Google Ads advertising and ad account management agency. Work with talented Google Ads professionals.

Google Ads

We know Google Ads inside out. Make a proper setup for the ads account and keep all campaigns well-structured and optimized.

Meta Ads

Meta ads are our specialty. Set up campaigns on Facebook and Instagram, and keep them properly structured. We’ll keep you updated with what brings the results.

social media

Although we specialize in Google and Meta ads, we may also help you with other ads on LinkedIn, Reddit, or TikTok if needed.


We have an agency background, which means we have vast experience, and we work only with the best. Quality and results are our moto.


Working daily means also learning daily. This is something that no marketing team or business manager can do better on their own.

No expensive

Keep your finance team happy and stay within your budget by working with our freelance team. Costs are on average 70% less than hiring full-time.


Most marketing teams outsource social media ad support because they have too much on the table to get maximum results from ads.


We think business. Our clients achieving their business goals is our mantra. We talk your language and we are a phone call away.


The benefits of a long-term partnership are mutual. We learn about your brand, and the market, and you will get better results.

Mercyr Social media, Meta, Facebook, Instagram advertising and ad account management.

Benefit hiring our talent compared to in-house full-time.

Save 70% on salaries.

Salaries, taxes, office, tools, onboarding, training, equipment – the costs to hire a full-time employee are high. And we know, that sometimes hiring a full-time Google Ads and Meta Ads professional is beneficial.

But there’s also another option which many companies find very beneficial. To hire expert support for their existing marketing team, without a need to hire and train additional employees.

This is where you save up to 70% on salaries. By hiring experts who would focus on your business goals just as being a part of your team.

We are always up to date.

We know how important it is with any outsourced professional to be up to date with the latest trends and new solutions.

We also know that keeping your employees up to date with training and courses are costly.

Working with us you can be sure that we are always up to date and we can tell you what are the trends and latest “hacks”.

How we work.

Boost your marketing team with extra expertise.
Scale your business by working with pros.



We have a call to understand your goals and identify where your social ad strategy stands. Together we’ll outline the plan, a desired timeline and your needs for a perfect fit.



After we agree on the terms. We create your ad accounts from zero or take over the existing ones and setup everything as needed.



When the basics are done and we have solid ground to start building awesome ad campaigns, we start working our magic.

Mercyr Meta and Google Ads Management Agency - Hire a freelancer!
Mercyr Meta and Google Ads Management Agency - Setup ad accounts and work form.
Mercyr Meta and Google Ads Management Agency - Maintenance.

Simple and transparent pricing.

No surprises, no hidden costs.
You are in control of the costs.

80 €


We are working on an hourly rate for the accounts that need support with certain tasks. The hourly rate is 80 € per hour. There’s no cost for the months when there is no activity.

1.000 €


The starting price for a fixed monthly cost is 1.000 €. The monthly cost will depend on the complexity of the monthly activities and the campaign volume.